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  • Act On Specified

    Revised: July 01, 2011
    Ambika Online Store (hereinafter, “Service”) displays products as follows, based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales).
    Distributor Ambika Corporation
    Operations Manager Sachin Hingarh
    Location Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Contact Ambika Corporation
    Ambika House, 3-19-2 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0051 Japan
    E-mail: info@ambikajapan.com
    Tel : 03-5822-6655
    Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm/Sat, 10am-1pm
    Closed: Sundays, Holidays
    Regarding Sales Price

    Items are sold at the price displayed on this website.

    However, due to frequent changes product purchase conditions, the price displayed on the website at the time of ordering, and the price displayed on the website at the time of billing may vary. The price displayed on the website at the time of ordering shall be determined as the price of the product.
    Sales terms on alcohol products

    ・Under aged drinking is prohibited by law.
    ・Alcohol products are sold only to those who aged 20 or above.
    ・We will not sell alcoholic products to customers unless we can identify them as 20 yeas old or above based on the date of birth provided when they register to our online shop.

    Notification of licensing of liquor sales[浅法589]
    Corporate Name:Ambika Corporation
    Date of issue:June 28th, Heisei 19
    Condition of the license:Sales method of liquor is limited to retail (including online)

    ■Liquor sales manager sign 

    Name and location of the point of sale Ambika Online Shop
    Ambika House, 3-19-2, Kuramae, Taito-ku
    Name of Liquor sales managerOhsiro Akiko 
    Date of attending training course for liquor salesAugust 9th, Heisei 29
    Assigned time till the next training course August 8th, Heisei 32
    Name of the organization which provided the courseJapan Voluntary Chain Association
    Product Delivery ・As one of our eco-activities, we promotes recycling (re-use) of packaging material (cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc.) when shipping purchased products. Some packaging material may not look perfectly new, but we have paid careful attention to remove any unclean or unsanitary material, etc. Please be assured that the quality and freshness of the product itself has not been affected. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

    Delivery Charges

    ・Purchases of 5,999 yen (including tax) or more are delivered “free of charge” for general products and Purchases of 4,999 yen (including tax) or more are delivered “free of charge” for frozen products except Okinawa prefecture. Since chilled parcel (refrigerated/frozen products) and regular parcel are billed separately, the purchase amount of each, rather than the total amount of both purchases, must be 5,999 yen (including tax) or more for general products and 4,999 yen (including tax) for frozen products or more except Okinawa prefecture.
    ・Refrigerated and frozen products are delivered as chilled parcel. For chilled parcels, an additional chilled parcel handling fee of 210 yen (including tax) is applied.
    ・When items which must be delivered as chilled parcel (refrigerated/frozen products) are ordered at the same time as items which can be delivered as regular parcel, these items will be delivered separately. The delivery charges are billed accordingly. Also, please note that arrival of your order may vary a day or two.
    ・Delivery charges and days for delivery are as follows. Consumption tax is also included in the delivery charges. A cash on delivery fee is applicable for "Cash on Delivery" payment method.
    General Products :
    [5,999 yen (including tax)or more] Free shipping
    [Less than 5,999 yen(including tax)] Shipping charge applicable
    Frozen Products :
    [4,999 yen (including tax)or more] Free shipping
    [Less than 4,999 yen(including tax)] Shipping charge applicable
    Shipping charge is as follows:

    Delivery area Delivery charges
    Aichi-ken880 yen
    Akita-ken880 yen
    Aomori-ken880 yen
    Chiba-ken880 yen
    Ehime-ken1265 yen
    Fukui-ken880 yen
    Fukuoka-ken1396 yen
    Fukushima-ken880 yen
    Gifu-ken880 yen
    Gunma-ken880 yen
    Hiroshima-ken1210 yen
    Hokkai-do1396 yen
    Hyogo-ken880 yen
    Ibaraki-ken880 yen
    Ishikawa-ken880 yen
    Iwate-ken880 yen
    Kagawa-ken1265 yen
    Kagoshima-ken1396 yen
    Kanagawa-ken880 yen
    Kouchi-ken1265 yen
    Kumamoto-ken1396 yen
    Kyoto-fu880 yen
    Mie-ken880 yen
    Miyagi-ken880 yen
    Miyazaki-ken1396 yen
    Nagano-ken880 yen
    Nagasaki-ken1396 yen
    Nara-ken880 yen
    Niigata-ken880 yen
    Okayama-ken1210 yen
    Okinawa-ken4158 yen
    Ooita-ken1396 yen
    Osaka-fu880 yen
    Saga-ken1396 yen
    Saitama-ken880 yen
    Shiga-ken880 yen
    Shimane-ken1210 yen
    Shizuoka-ken880 yen
    Tochigi-ken880 yen
    Tokushima-ken1265 yen
    Tokyo-to880 yen
    Tottori-ken1210 yen
    Toyama-ken880 yen
    Wakayama-ken880 yen
    Yamagata-ken880 yen
    Yamaguchi-ken1210 yen
    Yamanashi-ken880 yen

    *Depending on the individual city, town, or village, there may be some exceptions. For further details, or any questions, please feel free to ask.

    *Please note that in some cases, a delay in delivery time may occur due to transport conditions, etc.
    Delivery period of the product Please refer to the “Days for Delivery” on this website, to decide the product delivery time.
    Expiration date of Products For products on sale for a limited time only, the last date of sales shall be described on the website
    Payment method Cash on delivery of the product
    Return/replacement of products In principle, we do not accept return or replacement of any products. However, with the exception in the event that you have received defective product or the delivered product differs from the order description, return or replacement will be accepted. Even in this case, we shall not accept any refund or replacement if product is once used by the customers, or damaged or dirt made by the customers’ responsibility.

    1) Replacement or refund request is received by the company at [email protected] within 2 days of delivery (regarding perishable products, such fresh food as listed below, a request is received by the company within 1 day after delivery) of the product. We shall not accept any refund or replacement after the above mentioned period.
    2) Replacement or refund of perishable products will only be attempted one time.
    3) Regarding shipping charges for Replacement or refund shall be borne by the company. However, if the customer changes the delivery address from the purchasing time, shipping charge shall be borne by customers.


    Free shipping

    Order above ¥5,999 for general items
    Order above ¥4,999 for frozen items