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Masalaci Spice Fragrant Milk Tea

A familiar chai in Japan. The combination of spices varies by home, and when it is cold, the blend changes even when it is hot. Once you master this Ambita's recommended chary shrimp, please make your own original chai while adding spices to your liking.


Two cups
Two cups
CTC tea
4 teaspoons
4 to 5 teaspoons
☆Green Cartakarudamon Hall
1 to 2
☆Fennel seed
1/2 teaspoon
☆Cinnamon stick


1. With water in a pot☆Put the spice of and make it a boil.

* Taste and smell out the scent by simmering the spices alone with the water first.
* Greenkaldamont lightly crushed and then smells more smell.
* Since the flavor of cinnamon is powerful, there are too many smells of other spices if you put too much. Let's be careful not to put too much.

2. Put black tea and simmer while looking at the color.

3. Add sugar, milk and heat again and make a simmer.

4. Pour to the cup while using tea paste.

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