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Subdanavada Tapioca Mochimochi dumplings

Popular tapioca as a material of sweets in Japan. It is often used in the diet menu in India. The texture of the lighter dumplings is smiling with a spice and a light tapioca with mashed potatoes and lightly fried dumplings! In particular, it is a menu that can be known to women and children, and can know the new way of enjoying Tapioca.


Sabudana (Tapioca)
100 g
In two
☆Peanut (roughly cut off)
2 tablespoons
☆Ginger (grated)
One tablespoon
☆Green Chile (Corrected)
☆Blackpepper Powder
1/2 teaspoon
a little
☆Fresh Koria Dard
1 strain (1% for mixing, 10% for decoration)
Salad oil (fried oil)
lemon juice


1. Wash the tapioca three times while washing water, and soak for 3 hours in water that tapioca just hides.

* If the water is too large, tapioca sucks too much water, so be careful about water content.

2. Tapioca, boiled potatoes,☆Place the material of one bowl. First of all, crush the potatoes firmly and mix with the remaining materials.

* Let's boil potatoes soft and soft. It will be difficult to scatter when it is fried to dumplings.
* Potato is also OK even if it is crushed by potato Masher.
* The potatoes after boiling are very hot. Be careful when mixing with your hand.

3. Add lemon juice and mix further.

4. If the persistence comes out, round the dough bite.

* It will be easier to play when it is fried if the air is included. Let's roll while striking the air firmly.

5. Put oil in a pan and heat and fry it until the bite-large fabric is tightened.

* Some of the tapioca is put in the heated fried oil and it is suitable when it comes up.
* Even if you unlike the air carefully, you may be able to play fabrics and tapioca thoroughly.

6. Serve in a plate and put lemon juice. Serve with fresh coriander to your liking.

* It is recommended to eat with sources such as coconut chats.

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