(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 50g
(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 50g(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 50g

(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 50g

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cinnamon,Cinnamomum cassia,cassia,chai,tea,Dalchini

Product Code : 41002
Ingredients : Cinnamon
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Cinnamon sticks, also known as cinnamon barks, that grows mainly in southern India and Sri Lanka is one of the few spices which can be consumed directly. In Indian cooking, cinnamon is commonly used as a flavoring for sweet and savory dishes, also a as a part of curry powders, garam masala spice mixture and many other fine blends. It has a sharp, sweet taste. These sticks are especially used to flavor meats, poultry and rice pilaf. They are also used to spice Indian tea and flavour coffes. It acts as a digestive and stimulant, and calms the stomach. It also a natural antiseptic.(Indian Name:Dalchini)
[(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 250g]
Halal (HALAL FOOD / Helal food) With halal mark.
(41002)(RAJ) Cinnamon Stick 50g

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