(Ambika)Mace leaf 20g
(Ambika)Mace leaf 20g

(Ambika)Mace leaf 20g

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Indian Curry,spices,Mace,Mace leaf,Nutmeg,Muskatenblume,RAJ,biriyani,

Product Code : 10037
Ingredients : Mace Leaf
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity

Light-orange whole mace is the outer casing of nutmeg, and is also known as mace blades or Javentry. Its mildly sweet flavor is commonly used in infusions, such as flavouring milk for a white sauce, or marinated with processed meats. Pickles and chutneys are also commonly spiced with whole mace. Whole mace is difficult to grind, so it is usually roasted until brittle, then grinded.
[Nutmeg&Mace Variety]
(10037)(Ambika) Mace leaf 20g(Nutmeg)

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