(RAJ) Chilli Corsa 1kg
(RAJ) Chilli Corsa 1kg(RAJ) Chilli Corsa 1kg

(RAJ) Chilli Corsa 1kg

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Chili Corsa,Chilli pepper,Red pepper,Indian spice

Product Code : 11014
Ingredients : Red Chili Pepper
Country of Origin : China
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Red chili Corsa is derived from coarsely grounding, dry-roasted whole red chilies. There are used liberally in almost every spicy Indian dish. Chilli Corsa is mild in taste. There are used for garnishing curries and pizza. Chilies, high in vitamin C, have been found to stimulate the appetite, destroy harmful toxins and purify the blood.
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