(Ambika) Bajra Whole 500g
(Ambika) Bajra Whole 500g

(Ambika) Bajra Whole 500g

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Ambika Bajra Atta , bajra, bajra whole,P. glaucum,Pennisetum glaucum,Pearl Millet,bajira,Millet,

Product Code : 17109
Ingredients : Pearl millet
Country of Origin : INDIA
How to Store : store in cool and dry place

Bajra Whole is are good ingredients for vegetarians and vegans food!

(Ambika) Bajra Atta (Millet powder) 500g
(Ambika) Bajra Whole 500g

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Halal (HALAL FOOD / Helal food) With halal mark.
* This product manufacturing factory produces products containing wheat, buckwheat, sesame, and soybeans.
(17109)(Ambika) Bajra Whole 500g (Pearl millet)

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