(Ambika) Fried Onion White 500g
(Ambika) Fried Onion White 500g(Ambika) Fried Onion White 500g

(Ambika) Fried Onion White 500g

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Product Code : 24001
Ingredients : Onion, corn oil
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Fried Onions are made from chopped, deep fried fresh white onions. The advantages of Fried Onions over Fresh Onions are:- Easy to Use. As No Cutting and Peeling. No Waste Products like peels, damaged or spoiled etc. Always The same Taste. Easy Storage and Long Life. No Extra cost of Oil and Gas for Frying. After Soaking 1kg Fried Onions = 10kg Fresh Onions . How to Use : Soak The 1kg Fried Onions In 9liters of hot water for minimum 2 Hour (For best Results Soak Overnight.) . You can use it as it is or Grind it for Paste. It is Very good for Curry base vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes. It can also be used as Garnishing salads , soups , rice dishes.

[Onion Variety]
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Fried Onion White 500g

 Halal (HALAL FOOD / Helal food) With halal mark.
(24001)(Ambika) Fried Onion White 500g

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