(Ambika) Makhana (Lotus seed) 100g
(Ambika) Makhana (Lotus seed) 100g

(Ambika) Makhana (Lotus seed) 100g

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Makhana,Water lily, prickly water lily, lotus seeds,Euryale Ferox, Lotus Seeds, Gorgon Nuts, Fox Nuts, popped,

Product Code : 32044
Ingredients : Prickly water lily
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.Please use as soon as possible after opening.

Macana is a food made from lotus seeds.
It has a non-sweet texture like puffed grains, and in India it is roasted with oil such as ghee, sprinkled with salt, and eaten like popcorn.

It is also attracting attention as a superfood in Europe, the United States and Japan.
This product is not seasoned, so roast it with oatmeal and mix it with dried fruits to make your own cereal, or mix it with chocolate, melted marshmallows, and nuts to make sweets. Sprinkle with fried spice oil and enjoy with salty seasoning.
It is also recommended for confectionery ingredients and muesli.

Nutritional components (per 100g)
Energy: 106kcal
Protein: 5g
Lipid: 1g
Carbohydrate: 21g
Salt equivalent: 0g
* This product manufacturing factory produces products containing wheat, buckwheat, sesame, and soybeans.

(Ambika) Roasted Makhana Puff 100g

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