(GITS) Madras Lamb Curry Sauce 300g
(GITS) Madras Lamb Curry Sauce 300g

(GITS) Madras Lamb Curry Sauce 300g

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Product Code : 36069
Ingredients : Tomato, onion, butter oil(Including milk ingredients), coconut, turmeric, coriander, sunflower oil, ginger, salt, garlic, red chili, cumin, asafoeetida (Hing), mustard, spice mix (black cardamom, clove, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, black pepper) Urad bean
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Gits Cooking Sauces for  Madras Lamb Curry.
This product does not contain any ingredients derived from meat, fish, eggs or animals.
You can make vegetarian dishes with "soy protein chunk" or "paneer cheese" or "tofu".

This sauce can be used for various dishes
- For boiled vegetable sauce
-For lasagna and pasta sauce
-As a source of steamed potatoes and french fries
-Curry-flavored pizza sauce
-As a dip source for chips
-Mix with mashed potatoes into curry potato salad

(36069)(GITS) Madras Lamb Curry Sauce 300g
Type :Vegetable curry
Nutrition information (per100g)
Calorie :100kcal
Protein :1.1g
Lipids :7.5g
Carbohydrate :6g
Salt equivalent:1.52g
*The product is manufactured in a facility that also makes products containing, Milk ingredients,cashew nuts,sesame.

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