(Parle) Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla 112g
(Parle) Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla 112g

(Parle) Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla 112g

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Parle Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla, Hide n Seek, biscuit, cookie, cookies, biscut

Product Code : 46038
Ingredients : Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, chocolate chips (sugar, palm oil, cocoa), cocoa, salt / swelling agent, fragrance, colorant (caramel color), emulsifier (derived from soybean), citric acid
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Store in a air tightly-sealed container in a cool and dry place.

The Parle Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla cookies are the perfect snack for a relaxing tea time. They can also be eaten as a small dessert after a regular meal and satisfy hunger pangs on the go.

(46038)(Parle) Hide&Seek Fab Vanilla 112g
Nutrition information (per 100g)
Calorie : 499 Kcal    
Protein : 4.1 g    
Lipids : 22 g    
Carbohydrate :  71.1 g    
Salt equivalent : 0.36 g    
Allergy Information (out of 28 items) :wheat, soya

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