(Parle) Hide & Seek  Fab Strawberry 112g
(Parle) Hide & Seek  Fab Strawberry 112g

(Parle) Hide & Seek Fab Strawberry 112g

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Product Code : 46041
Ingredients : Wheat flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Chocolate Flavored Chips, Invert Sugar Syrup, Cocoa Solids, Salt, Color Caramel, Artificial Flavors (Chocolate and Strawberry), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin, Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides), FD&C (Re
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

The Parle Hide & Seek Fab Strawberry cookies are the perfect snack for a relaxing tea time. They can also be eaten as a small dessert after a regular meal and satisfy hunger pangs on the go.

(46041) (Parle) Hide & Seek  Fab Strawberry 112g
Nutrition information (per 100g)
Calorie : 499 Kcal    
Protein : 4.1 g    
Lipids : 22 g    
Carbohydrate :  71.1 g    
Salt equivalent : 0.36 g    
Allergy Information (out of 28 items) :wheat, soya 

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