(GROVER ZAMPA) Shiraz Rose WINE 750ml
(GROVER ZAMPA) Shiraz Rose WINE 750ml

(GROVER ZAMPA) Shiraz Rose WINE 750ml

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Our Shiraz Rose Wine is dry and well structured being raspberry pink in colour with shades of orange and flavours of cherry and strawberry jam. It is a perfect aperitif.

Shiraz Rose,Red WINE,Indian Wine,Grover,Zanpa

Product Code : 52022
Country of Origin : India
How to Store : Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity.

Our Shiraz Rose is raspberry pink in colour with shades of orange. It has delicate aromas of rose with wonderful flavours of cherry and strawberry jam. Rekha Rodwittya, famous Indian painter, is fascinated by the representation of the female figure.On the Grover Vineyards Rosé she found the perfect vocabulary to represent a woman without objectifying her.

[Color]:Light cherry with shades of pink rose./Light body.
[Aromas]:Intense bouquet of berries and sherry.
[Palate]:Prude, fruity, light bodied and smooth.
[Serving Temperature]:Serve chilled at 8°C-10°C.
[Grape Variety]:Shiraz

52022(GROVER ZAMPA) Shiraz Rose WINE 750ml

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