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Country of origin
raw materials
Lens beans, salt, sugar, onion, red chili, vegetable oil (including sesame seeds), tamarind, coriander, mustard seed, potato, curry leaf, cumin, phenogleik, cinnamon, asafeta (Hyne), clove / citric acid, turmeric dye
Allergic substances contained in raw materials

● This product manufacturing plant produces products including milk ingredients, wheat, peanuts, cashew nuts, sesame and almonds.


(34013) (GITS) Sambhar MIX 100g
Name: Mix for cooking
Nutritional component display (per 100 g)
Heat quantity: 338 kcal
Protein: 11.8 g
Lipality: 7.4 g
Carbohydrate 52G
Salt equivalent: 14.01 g

Shipping method
Normal service (Sagawa Express)

※ It can not be bundled with frozen and fresh refrigerated flight
※ Please order after confirmation of "shipping day" and "scheduled delivery date" at the settlement step.
The storage period in the delivery company is eight days including the first delivery date.
Preservation method
Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Please use early after opening.

Prepare this "GITS Sambalmix" and fresh tomatoes, water, it is enough!
About 150 ml of Catholi (small dish) of about 150 ml of the mix of about 150 ml of the mix of 8 cups of samurai can be made. And because there are already soybeans, I do not want to wash my beans and cook.

★ Please add vegetables such as eggplant, okra, radish, drum stick (Morima fruit) as you like, and simmer!
★ Please enjoy with a Dosa that can be easily created with GITS in the hot Sambal.
★ Easy steamed bread Iduri is also the best match!
★ Even if you eat it and eat it and eat it ◎
★ Since the acidity is delicious, it will be eaten by Basmati's Girror Rice ☆
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